Their story

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In the eve of January 2016, a man sits at his computer, at a site, looking at profiles.  With some trepidation, he sends a message, that forever changes the lives of the recipient and the sender.  This is their story… (cue Law & Order sound)

Sam and Ian met online.  As Sam says “he was the first guy to start up an ‘actual’ conversation.”  They agreed to meet for coffee downtown and started talking regularly.  Their second date was in Westminster where Sam was living at the time, at a sushi restaurant (we enjoy our fish!).  A silly moment ensued when both decided to use chopsticks with their non-dominant hand.  From then, the two kept in contact and found reasons to include the other.  Epic SkyTrek!

That summer, Sam went on a crazy, amazing adventure with her best friend Katie in England, Greece, and Ireland.  While gone, there were several conversations about potential ‘prospects’ for Sam.  Ultimately, upon returning, she took the opportunity to sell peaches, a great side-gig Ian lined up each summer, as help for a weekend in order to get to know Ian a little better.


At the end of the peach season, Ian took a trip to Napa Valley and invited Sam to come along.  There they had such a blast and decided to make it official as a couple.  Adventures in crafts, building snow caves, music and artsy things ensued!


On the morning of March 12, 2018, Ian lined the stairs with Hershey kisses.  As Sam was preparing for work, she followed the trail downstairs to a bottle of wine with a 3D printed version of the ring they designed together.  It was then that Ian walked over from making breakfast to ‘shower’ her with kisses and proposed.

Now it’s time for a wedding!

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September 2016 Panorama Point in Golden Gate Canyon State Park – Golden, CO